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TALK is designed to guide structured team self-debriefing after any learning event in clinical environments.  It promotes a supportive culture of learning and patient safety.  

The World Health Organisation recommends clinical debriefing for team reflection after tasks, shifts or events. Clinical debriefing is a team conversation about what has happened during a case. Any aspects of patient care may be discussed and everybody's perspective matters.

Our underlying drive is to promote guided reflection within teams as a way to improve and maintain patient safety, increase efficiency and contribute to a supportive culture of dialogue and learning in any clinical environment.

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Step 1:  Target

What shall we discuss to improve patient care?

Share your perspective

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Step 2:  Analysis

Explore your agreed target, if appropriate consider:

  1. What helped or hindered....

    • Communication / decision making / situational awareness?

  2. How can we repeat successful performances or improve?



Step 3:  Learning Points

What can the team learn from the experience?


Step 1:  Key Actions

What can we do to improve and maintain patient safety?

Who will take responsibility for actions?  Who will follow up?

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