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The vision of the TALK Foundation is to maximise the opportunity for healthcare improvement, patient safety and staff wellbeing through the use of TALK.

The values of the TALK Foundation are: to behave ethically, to be inclusive and to be positive.


The responsibility of an Affiliate Member is to support the Board of Trustees in achieving this vision. 

The Affiliate Member agrees to do this by:

  • Adhering to the ethos of the TALK Foundation

  • Championing the use of clinical debriefing in the workplace

  • If willing, to contribute on a volunteer basis to the development and provision of charitable activities.


Should an Affiliate Member not adhere to the above then the TALK Foundation reserves the right to terminate membership.


The role of Affiliate Member does not attract voting rights.  


The TALK Foundation offers its Affiliate Members:

  • Access to support and advice on clinical debriefing

  • Opportunities to be involved in clinical debriefing projects

  • Access to information and tools on clinical debriefing

  • Networking with like minded individuals


Fees: Affiliate Members are requested to contribute to the sustainability of the TALK Foundation and its website.  For more information click here

Our privacy policy can be found here.

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