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TALK Foundation

The TALK Foundation is continuing the work commenced under the Horizon 2020 - Marie Curie Grant, ensuring sustainability of our educational activities and fostering further patient safety initiatives.

The idea for TALK as a framework to guide multi-professional clinical debriefing was developed in June 2014. The tool is copyrighted to the developing team, Drs C Diaz-Navarro, A Hadfield and S Pierce. There is no actual or planned personal financial benefit from this development. All three authors are founding members in the board of trustees.

The TALK Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the UK Charity Commission under Registration Number 1177093.


The object of this CIO is for the public benefit to advance the
education of clinical teams in patient safety.


The TALK foundation will be guided by the following principles:



To maximise the opportunity for healthcare improvement, patient safety and staff wellbeing through the use of TALK.



To empower a culture of patient safety through the education of clinical teams. To promote and to encourage  further patient safety initiatives.


○      To behave ethically

○      To be inclusive

○      To be positive

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Governance of activities will be guided by the TALK Foundation constitution.

All trustees, staff and volunteers will abide by the TALK Foundation Code of Conduct.

Board of trustees

Dr C Diaz-Navarro, Chair

Dr S Pierce, Secretary

Dr M A Price, Treasurer

Dr S Baquaert

Dr A Hadfield

Ms E Leon-Castelao


Ms M Paes

Ms R Wheeler


We are looking for keen individuals interested in volunteering their time, skills or professional expertise .

If you are willing to contribute, please contact us by completing the form at the top of the page. 




Looking forward to hearing from you!

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