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Trends in Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Clinical debriefing: TALK© to learn and improve together in healthcare environments

Trends in Anaesthesia & Critical Care

The use of clinical debriefing promotes team reflexivity, aligns with Safety II principles and allows organisation leaders to engage clinicians in collaborative change. There is ample evidence of its benefits regarding patient outcomes and team dynamics.

This article introduces TALK©, a practical approach to clinical debriefing which supports an inclusive culture of dialogue and empowers clinicians to act and improve. It is underpinned by well defined values that foster positive communication strategies and continued commitment to patient safety.

The TALK© structure consists of four steps: Target, Analysis, Learning and Key actions, which guide individuals in having focussed and constructive conversations with practical outcomes. It enables effective communication across diverse health care professional teams that work together on a regular occasional basis in any healthcare environment.

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