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A Virtual 1-day TALK© debriefing instructor course for individuals with previous experience in healthcare education or training.

Course Price


Course Length

Duration 7 hours (or 2 sessions of 3.5 hours each) plus pre-course assignments.

Course Date

14th September 2022

Course Details

This course aims to provide essential skills in order to be able to deliver local TALK© user courses, which must be aligned with standardised materials provided by the TALK Foundation and should be taught free of charge.

Candidates willing to attend a TALK©instructor course should have previous educational or training experience for healthcare professionals, such as being an instructor on other courses.

In order to achieve a TALK©instructor certificate and free access to TALK© user course materials, candidates must have successfully completed the TALK©instructor course and taught at two TALK© user courses under the supervision of certified TALK©instructors.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to
○ Define clinical debriefing and describe its relevance
○ Differentiate between educational and clinical debriefing
○ Describe the TALK© ethos and values
○ Apply and teach the TALK© structure
○ Facilitate the identification of opportunities for the use of clinical debriefing
○ Facilitate the identification of strategies to follow up on agreed key actions

Course Date

14th September 2022

Course Leads


Course Location

Virtual - Links will be shared closer to the date

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