Reflections of a Marie Curie Fellow to the TALK project.

By Debbie Hendrickson

It has been an immense privilege to be part of the team on the TALK Horizon 2020 - RISE grant project.

I am a registered nurse with over 30 years experience in the Welsh NHS. This experience has been rich and dynamic, yet it has all been within one NHS trust, and primarily surgical nursing. Five years ago I took a career change, to the role of resuscitation practitioner, which is more varied, and has elements of clinical practice, audit and education that span across the whole health board.

I am passionate about the education element, and coming to the University of Barcelona and the Clinic Hospital has given me the opportunity to take part in developing some of the training materials for

TALK, which is an arena that I thrive in.

The tutorials, Skype meetings with collaborators and time working reviewing materials and developing new ones has been exciting. Interesting challenges occur, such as considering language and vocabulary which will be understandable when read or heard by persons for whom English is not a first language. Working in close partnership with colleagues in Barcelona such as Esther Leon is hugely beneficial as we are able to share ideas and perspectives.

Whilst in Barcelona I have also been able to see a number of teaching simulation and gamification exercises. Within my UK role I deliver a lot of simulation training, and a significant point of contrast is the large amount of time and emphasis spent on the debrief component in Barcelona. In my usual setting the debriefing is very short and concentrated on the clinical components that were included in the simulation, such as exactly what treatment the simulated patient was given, and whether this was correct or effective. In UB much more time is spent on understanding and reflecting on feelings and emotions during the simulation, and what adverse issues such as interruptions, stress and pressures from other sources affected the learner.

Also, the learners consider a wider view because they are being encouraged to look at perspectives other than their own, for example that of another health care professional.

This overall approach to the simulation debriefing is so refreshing and I believe adds huge value to the learning experience. I am keen to find ways to incorporate what I have experienced into the simulation sessions I am responsible for in my workplace.

Thank you @TALK project for giving me this insight during my time as a TALK Marie Curie Fellow.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under MSCA-RISE grant agreement number 734753